Illegal political audio-visual products and publications非法政治音像制品、出版物
Illegal reactionary cards and program channels非法反动卡类和节目台
State secret documentations and information, etc.国家机密文件资料等
Other reactionary articles and speeches, etc.其他反动物品及言论等
Pornographic and vulgar audio-visual products/publications黄色低俗音像制品/出版物
Pornographic and vulgar erotic services黄色低俗色情服务
Pornographic and vulgar cards and program channels黄色低俗卡类和节目台
Other pornographic and vulgar articles or services其他黄色低俗物品或服务
Gambling tools赌博器具
Private lottery私彩
Gambling/gaming service赌博/博彩服务
Drug-taking tools吸毒工具
Ammunitions and weapons/firearms and accessories军火武器/枪械及配件
Military or police equiepment军用、警用物品
Controlled instruments管制器具
Crime articles犯罪物品
Poisonous articles and hazardous chemicals剧毒物品、危险化学品
Narcotics and psychotropic drugs麻醉药品和精神类药品
Toxic drugs毒性药品
Fetal gender diagnosis胎儿性别鉴定
Adult drugs (aphrodisiac)成人药品(春药)
Credit card cashing service信用卡套现服务
Foreign-related matchmaking service涉外婚姻介绍
Certificate issuing and stamp carving办证刻章
Crowd funding众筹模式
ID card information and other personal information身份证信息等侵犯个人隐私的信息
Spying instruments间谍器材
Other personal privacy-harming articles or services其他危害个人隐私的物品或服务
Pyramid selling传销
Lottery ticket彩票
Gold futures黄金期货
Counterfeit currency假币
Bank account transaction (bank cards)买卖银行账户(银行卡)
Insurance platform保险平台
Gold financial products黄金理财产品
Bank financial products银行理财产品
Cashback services返利业务
Single-purpose prepaid cards单用途预付卡
Illegal fund-raising非法集资
Foreign exchange services外汇兑换服务
Virtual currency in foreign accounts境外账户中的虚拟货币
Receipts (invoices)票据(发票)
Bitcoin, Litecoin, YBcoin and other virtual currency transactions比特币、莱特币、元宝币等虚拟货币交易
MCard, etc.魔卡等
Satellite antenna, etc.卫星天线等
Archaeological and cultural relics考古文物
Poor quality (fake) food伪劣食品(假冒伪劣)
Fireworks and firecrackers烟花爆竹
Crude oil原油
Human organs人体器官
Surrogacy services代孕服务
Examination services替考、代考服务
National protected animals国家保护动物
National protected plants国家保护植物
Smuggled articles走私物品
Special provisions for specific period of time (e.g. the Olympic Games)特殊时期特殊规定(如奥运)
Medical devices医疗器械
Circulating RMB流通人民币
Foreign currency外币
Cultural relics文物
Video chatting services视频聊天服务
Religious websites宗教网站
Online cemetery and worshipping and other services提供网上公墓、网上祭祀等服务
Computer privacy information monitoring计算机隐私信息监控
Lucky draw抽奖
Any animals, plants or species which contain dangerous germs, pests or any other living creature带有危险性病菌,害虫及其他有害生物、植物及物种
items and services in violation of relevant state regulations违反国家相关规定的物品、服务